Built Environment Work Experience Week

Opens: July 1, 2024

CCS are excited to be working with the Built Environment Academy (BEA) and Learn Live UK and play a part in delivering Built Environment Work Experience Week, an unmissable date in the construction calendar.


Participants are paired with a construction activity (the host), which will include construction sites,  suppliers or other similar organisations and will work as a team with other people of a similar age group towards a task. This year’s task is to plan, cost, and design part of a new road in England and to present the project to a client team at the end of the week.

Throughout the week participants will receive talks and presentations from the host team on topics relevant to the task as well as more general insights into working in the construction industry. Each group will be assisted and guided by mentors for the entire week. There will also be recruitment experts at hand to offer hints and tips on writing CVs and interviews.

The Built Environment Work Experience Week will help individuals understand safety on and around sites, how the industry work and will give them exposure to the professional roles in the industry. It’s a perfect opportunity to gain work experience in construction in a safe and nurturing environment.

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