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Parents and Carers make up an important part of a young person’s career network and ensuring they are informed and included at key transition stages is an important part of a Career Leaders role. 

Parents and carers may well have ideas about their own child’s career, or may need to update their knowledge of qualifications and career paths, so involving parents in school events and keeping them updated with information that equips them with the relevant resources and facts allows them to fully explore career choices with their children. 

If you are looking for inspirational speakers or career ambassadors to embed activities into your careers programme try the following links, or contact your local enterprise partnership.

CEC | Engaging parents in careers guidance

Find further resources with ways to engage parents and carers in careers support for their child.

CEC | Talking Futures

Talking Futures provides a suite of resources, activities and practical guidance to help you engage parents in supporting their children to decide upon their next best step.

CEC | Careermag for parents

CareerMag for parents and carers, produced termly with support and information on topics such as options and qualifications.

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Parents and Carers guide to apprenticeships

Parent and Carers guide to T Levels


Gatsby benchmarks

The eight Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance.

Gasby benchmark 6

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