Why should you hire an Apprentice?

There are many benefits to hiring an apprentice:

Discover new talent
Being involved with schools, colleges and universities is an opportunity to identify potential apprentices who are a good fit with your organisation. They can bring awareness of emerging trends and new ideas to your

Develop your current team
Getting your apprentices involved in engagement activities can be rewarding and inspiring. It contributes to your team’s professional development, helping to build communication, leadership, and management skills, and can strengthen their loyalty to your company.

Share the benefits
Encourage employers to consider how training apprentices can build their business for years to come. Speak about the return on investment you are already seeing and how investing in your workforce helps you retain talent. Showcase the diversity of career options and industries now available and what you can achieve through apprenticeships.

Build new partnerships
Connecting with local communities, schools, colleges, and universities offers a strong value exchange. You can get involved in shaping the skills being taught in your local area, whilst benefitting from building your existing knowledge and expertise, for example, in development in technology.

Connect locally
Working with your local communities can contribute to your organisation’s social responsibility and reputation. Your real-world input brings the curriculum to life and gives learning a concrete focus. It’s also a great opportunity to inspire, inform and help young people – which is good for them, the community, and you. This collaboration also demonstrates the wider contribution your business makes to the community.

Celebrate success
Showcase how apprenticeships lead to great outcomes and that your organisation is a great place to work and learn. Host a Graduation or Apprenticeship Awards Ceremony.

The road to a quality apprenticeship
A roadmap is available to check that your are offering a quality apprenticeship programme or to help you start
new apprenticeships.

Other government programmes
A range of other government programmes, are available for employers who are considering hiring employees, offering work experience or upskilling existing staff, some of which offer financial incentives. Find out more.

You’re first step is to download this employer guide on how to hire an apprentice >>

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